playing with the black box

at my own risk!

Potty training and survival analysis

It is time to potty train the Little One (LO). The objective is to use Reinforcement Learning (RL) so the LO pisses in the toilet instead of his diaper. The idea of RL is to keep LO on his potty until he accidentally pisses into that. Then mommy and daddy are ecstatic, jumping up and down with enormous joy, giving him lots of kisses, stickers and chocolates. We need to repeat the process over and over again to reinforce the good behavior into the little cute tiny brain of LO. It is simple but it is not easy. Survival analysis might come handy.

Hello Hugo!

In an on-line dynamic world, I need an off-line static place of my own to work distraction free, shut down all the sensory inputs, think, and write about life, science, parenting and technology. This might be the place. I am writing this with good old vim. Hugo generates the htmls and github serves the pages, so I always have backups! Let see if this old fashioned and distraction free method of writing get me back in the mood of writing.