Hello Hugo!

In an on-line dynamic world, I need an off-line static place of my own to work distraction free, shut down all the sensory inputs, think, and write about life, science, parenting and technology. This might be the place. I am writing this with good old vim. Hugo generates the htmls and github serves the pages, so I always have backups! Let see if this old fashioned and distraction free method of writing get me back in the mood of writing.

My old place was blogspot, at that time, there were blogs and a google reader to read them all. Then came facebook, twitter, linkedin and bunch of other things and eventually google reader were downgraded to google plus (too me it was a downgrade.). They destroyed my creativity and desire to write.

I am not going to abandon my old blog, twitter, facebook and the rest. Small things like “I went to bathroom” will go to twitter, family and friends related materials will go to facebook but essays and interesting stuffs will be here. And, there is always IFTTT.

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